List of Works

Alter Ego IV: Alpha to Beta (2017) for saxophone quartet
(no separate audio, watch video in the video corner)

Alter Ego III: Recording Recorders (2017) for recorder ensemble
(coming soon)

Alter Ego II: House of Tiles (2017) for 2 musicians & 2 dancers
(coming soon)

The Wire (2017) for 2 pianists & 2 percussionists

Alter Ego I: Ground Rules (2017) for 3 musicians & 1 dancer
(no separate audio, watch video in the video corner)

Sleepwalking (2016) for voice & leap motion

In Defrost (2016) for cl, alto sax, accordeon, piano, percussion & electronics 
(score following video in the video corner)

Pulcherrima (2016) for piano 4-mains

Ridge A (2016) for single reed mouthpiece

Rondo (2015) for string orchestra

Good Times #1 (2015) for piano solo

Musical Comments (2015)  electroacoustic music & leap motion controller
(other comments => click here)

Leap Adventure (2015) for clarinet & leap motion controller
(only introduction, watch video for entire performance)

La Femme Atlantide (2015) for harp & electronics (audio / video)
(only part II, watch video for entire performance)

De Helse Houthakkers (2014) for contrabass solo (2′)

Snake Charmers (2014) for fl, cl, trb, bar sax, percussion & electronics (audio / dmx)

About Elephants (2014) for organ solo

Merapi (2013) for symphonic orchestra & electronics (audio / dmx)

Power Rangers Blitz (2013) for string quartet & piano

Quakea Quartet (2013) for 4 Quakea’s (Jasper & Jasper)

Discipline (2013) for piano, word processor & audio recording (with Lehman Brothers)

The Elements (2013) for saxophone alto & electronics (video) (10′)

Mono (2012) for piano solo

Krakatoa Variations (2011)for fl, cl, vi, vla, vc, piano & percussion 

Praia Deserta? (2011) for 2 snare drums and electronics (audio) (18′)

Czarevna (2009) for wind orchestra (6′)

Pinatubo (2008) for fl, sopr sax, vc, cb & piano
(score following video in the video corner)

The A07-Story (2006) for violin & piano

Kutubia (2005) for chamber orchestra (6′)